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Trendy Kitchen Design:

For ages, kitchens have been hidden in the farthest part of the house. It has never received much attention since it was only meant to be used for cooking and dishwashing. Rebel Designs is one of the best kitchen, home and bedroom interior design and decoration provider in Mumbai. However, these customs are changing now. In 2018, the kitchen is receiving quite a lot of attention since it is the place where the family gets together after a long day, and all their lives go around it which means that it could not stay in the dark for much longer. The kitchen has become in the very center of the house with all its warmth and beauty.

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Also, it is important to mention that the ways of decoration, remodeling, and remodeling kitchens have changed with the pass of the years and the release of new techniques, fashion, and technology. This is why we have created this article with some of the trendy Kitchen Designs that will revolutionize Kitchen Design in 2018.

1. Smart Kitchen:

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It refers to the use of all the new technology in appliances and electronics put together in order to create a very advanced and up-to-date design that reflects all the postmodernism and all the advantages that technology has granted us. And smart kitchens are evolving at this very moment, from motion-sensitive faucets to smart refrigerators that can connect with your smartphone through the internet.

2. Cabinet Colors:

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White, Gray and dark paint colors are flooding the market of kitchen design. Being white the great and all times favorite for kitchen cabinets. The cleanness and spacious look of white make it the favorite of homeowners. Grey cabinets also help the cabinets blend and match almost any color which makes it incredibly convenient for Kitchen Design. Finally, dark paint cabinets express luxury and elegance this is why these colors are greatly used in luxury kitchen design.

3. Modular Kitchen Design:

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Modular kitchen design has become very popular in recent years. Venetian tiles, lamps hidden beneath wall cabinets, white marble countertops, or the used of wood for a more traditional touché, whatever it is the style that you feel more attracted to, Modular Kitchen has come to stay for a long, long time since it helps to make a better use of small spaces maintaining a very stylish look and classy appearance.

4. Streamline Designs:

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It is all about aesthetically pleasing appearance and alternative materials which is why this kind of design has become very popular among homeowners. They are considered to be stress-free kitchen designs because of the calmness and tranquility that they express. Simplicity does not always mean boring or bland. In the case of streamline design, simplicity highlights peace while maintaining great style. Removing upper wall cabinets have been gaining more and more popularity during these few years. It helps space seem larger which helps the kitchen to have a brighter look.

These are just some of the most important and Trendy Kitchen Designs that are causing furor all around the world with the most technological and up-to-date ideas.

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